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Gakuto Kamui

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Gakuto Kamui

Mesaj Scris de .WeiSu la data de Joi Aug 05, 2010 6:50 am

Name: Gackt Camui (it's a stage-name. Gackt would be the contraction of "Gaku" {music} and "to" {denotes greatness} so the result is Greatness of music. As you can see, Gackt is really modest XD But we can't blame him, can we?!)
Place of birth: Okinawa
Hometown: Kyoto
Age: mysterious! He says he was born in 1540, so he would be 464 years old ( Oh My F God x_X )... But reliable sources let us know that his real birthday is 4 July 1973...This means that this year he will be 32... It is a little different, isn't it?? However, this man doesn't look his age!! *ç*
Blood type: A (very common in Japan)
Height: 1.80! Much higher than the average! (the japanese average, obvious =D ND Momiji)
Weight: it swings, but it's always around 60 Kg
Misures: 98-68-88 (Beautiful!!!)
Foot size: 42
Hair: it's difficult define them, he changes very often from brown to blond, in every possible and imaginable tonality!
Eyes: as a good japanese, Gackt has brown eyes but, as you already know, he has a huge collection of colored contact lenses ^______^
Personality: he is quite ambitious, he always wants to be the n.1 (Gackt, you are and always will be the n.1!!!!! ) ]Hmm ... on the tv , it always looks so bored O_O ]
Spoken languages: besides his mother language, Japanese, he speaks well Mandarin, English and French. At the moment is learning Cantonese and Korean, but he's also interested in studying Italian and Spanish ^__^
Sports: he can play very well many martial arts, such as Karate, Judo, Aikido and Jujitsu. He is able to ski, to play golf and billiards, too ( irelevant artele marţiale dacă joacă în filme de acţiune xD)
Music instruments: since he does everything, he can also play well piano, drums, guitar, violin, flute and bass! ( multi-instrumentist o.O )
Family: father musician, mother heirdresser, an older sister and a younger brother (I would like to find some their photos T.T !)
Education: he received a very strict education since he was a little child. His parents rarely allowed him to watch tv, he was allowed only to watch educational and instructive programs, nothing to do with amusement... He's grown up listening to classic music and begun to study piano when he was 3.
Civil Status: divorced....Yeah, our idol was married with a Korean woman....The marriage finished soon but I don't know why.... But it's better this way, isn't it?? (What a bastard I am!)
Pets: a delicious female miniature dachshund dog named Beru Constantine Chappi and a female maine coon cat named Mei
Favourite artist: Yoshida Miwa from Dreams Come True
Favourite films: "The city of angels", "Braveheart", "Soldier"
Favourite manga: "Banana Fish", "Monster", "Gundam"
Fragrance: Egoďste Platinum by Chanel
Favourite drink: red wine, the, vodka
Favourite food: kimchi (Korean food), eggs salad (Italian food); he loves cooking curry... He hates every sort of sweets (this would explain why he is so thin) and avoids eating rice because he says it makes him put on weight! (Have you ever heard of a JAPANESE who doesn't eat RICE???Here he is!!!)
Favourite color: black and white ( black .. like me xD )
Favourite actors: Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Brigitte Fonda, John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Nicholas Cage
The only difect (at least in our opinion): he smokes like a chimney! ( For God's Sake , this stuff will kill you one daz TT.TT )

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Re: Gakuto Kamui

Mesaj Scris de Fuzzy-lici la data de Sam Aug 14, 2010 8:30 pm

Am auzit de el...
Nu am ascultat prea mult dar ador melodia : Vanilla şi FLower

RawR! Fear me
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